Pavel Kounine is a Toronto Wedding Photographer

I’m a pure documentary Toronto wedding photographer. I thrive on capturing spontaneous wedding moments, from smiles to tears and everything in between. Wedding photojournalism is honest and full of life, featuring people in their element. As a result, it ages better than editorial wedding photography. While I encourage group and family portraits, the vast majority of my work is unposed, unprompted, and undirected.

Portrait of Pavel Kounine, Toronto wedding photographer.

You’ll benefit from my passionate eye, professional conduct, and honest approach 

Specializing exclusively in wedding photojournalism

Many photographers who bill themselves as documentary-style photojournalists are contradicted by their portfolios; their best work mostly features posed images that don’t elicit a true representation of the day.

My portfolio and featured galleries consist entirely of unposed wedding photography. What you see is what you get: beautiful documentary photos that capture the genuine wedding moments you’ll treasure. That’s because I don’t pay empty lip service to photojournalistic wedding photography. I shoot it. It’s my strength and I deliver on those expectations.

Value-based pricing

Say goodbye to restrictive price lists and confining packages designed to move you up the pricing ladder. There’s a simpler method: tell me how many hours of photography you require and offer a price that you feel is fair and affordable. By offering the best price you feel is fair, you avoid surpassing your budget and haggling over numbers. Everyone wins.

Timeless wedding photography without the trends

Wedding photography trends come and go with each season. Sadly, many wedding photos end up looking dated well before their time due to how photographers edit them. A thin veneer of the latest filters conceal poor photographic technique.

Wedding photography is unique in that its value increases with time. Two decades from now, your albums and photos should look just as fresh as the day you received them. 

Impeccable service

I will be your singular point of contact from the day we first meet to the delivery of your order. No aspect of my business is outsourced. I’ll even remember your family members’ names.

And, unlike the big wedding photography studios, my business is not a revolving door of studio managers, sales associates, photo editors, and part-time contract photographers—all of whom have no skin in the game. Wedding photography requires great responsibility and I take your day very seriously.

Raw image format with purchase of albums

Are you a budding photography enthusiast? A tinkerer? Do you want to preserve the unadulterated moments of your wedding day in the most complete and flexibile image format available? Now you can do all that and more! Purchase a wedding photography album and get complimentary access to the raw format versions of all delivered photographs.

Beautifully designed wedding photo albums

“The best” is a term that’s often thrown around casually. This isn’t the case with Queensberry: they’ve been making the best wedding albums in the world since 1969. Their quality is unsurpassed. They’re my exclusive supplier because I believe excellent wedding photography deserves an album made without compromise.

Wedding photography prices

Wedding photography pricing should be open and simple. It should be open so that you’re not forced to contact a business to request a price list that they could’ve shared from the very start. It should be simple so that you’re not forced to make choices based on a limited selection of pre-defined packages that offer the best value at the highest price points. That’s why I offer value-based pricing.

I’m confident in my service, craft, and professionalism. If you like my work and the philosophy underpinning my artistic approach to wedding photojournalism, reach out and make an offer based on what you think it’s worth. 

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