wedding photo albums

Wedding Photo Albums: An Overview

An introduction to everything you need to know about wedding photo albums. It will help you understand the differences between wedding books and albums, the categories of wedding photo albums that I offer for sale, and the key terminology used in discussing albums and their design.

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Closeup of male hands signing a wedding photography contract with pen.

Wedding Photography Contract: Start Here

A wedding photography contract is the first step in creating a solid foundation for your wedding photography business. This article will explain why wedding photography contracts are necessary and guide you along some of the more common terms found within them.

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What do wedding photographers wear? A wedding photographer wearing white dress shirt, bowtie, and navy trousers.

What Wedding Photographers Wear

Both in first impressions and ongoing relationships, your presentation goes a long way towards establishing trust in your work. That's why it's important to understand what wedding photographers wear on the job. Should you look like a guest? Is your desired outfit practical for the realities of physical work in a formal setting? Perhaps you should invest in an outfit? Allow me to share some practical wisdom about what wedding photographers wear.

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Guests take photos using mobile phones and tablets as bride walks down the aisle with her father in this not unplugged wedding.

Pulling The Plug on Unplugged Weddings

The concept of unplugged weddings has been spreading around the wedding web for several years. While the may be good in theory—even on trend—in practice, it's excessively restrictive and unfair to your guests. Furthermore, I propose that the conditions that lead some couples to enforce unplugged wedding protocols are symptomatic of a larger trend towards inviting too many people. Perhaps, a move towards shorter guests lists is in order.

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Faded vintage film look wedding photography - bride groom on roof - toronto wedding photographer

The Faded Vintage Film Look in Wedding Photography

The faded vintage film look is often used by photographers in an attempt to simulate the appearance of scanned film. Unfortunately, many photographers are also inexperienced with film, and the look they are simulating is actually the resulting quality of poorly exposed film.

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Image editing oversights to spot indifferent wedding photographers - toronto wedding photographer

Two Ways to Spot Indifferent Wedding Photographers

Sorting through and editing wedding photography is a lengthy process; proper technique takes time. Unfortunately, this may lead some photographers to take shortcuts. In this article, I discuss to painfully obvious signs by which you can spot indifferent wedding photographers that take shortcuts to process wedding photos.

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