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The jury’s in and the decision is unanimous: digital content marketing is the key strategy for growing your search engine presence and reaching your customers. Unfortunately, not all content is created equal; online photography articles are typically sloppy rubbish composed mainly of non-sequiturs, gushy language, and lists of the best this and the top that. Sometimes, those articles are written by ghostwriters who aren’t even photographers, and the quality speaks for itself. And this is where I come into the mix: if you’re searching for quality photography content marketing and article syndication, you’ve come to the right place.

The solution: wedding photography content marketing and article syndication

All of the photography and wedding photography articles written on this website may be licensed for syndication on your website or blog. Works are licensed individually and include both the original text and supplementary photographs and images. The licenses are available to you, free of charge, upon being granted permission and so long as the following conditions are met.

Article syndication license terms and conditions

  1. Copyright. You acknowledge and agree that Paul Kounine shall retain the full copyright to all written, photographic, and graphic works. Paul Kounine grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free license to reproduce and display the licensed work on the website and/or blog that you specify as the destination.
  2. Byline. You acknowledge and agree that Paul Kounine shall receive named credit as the author of the licensed work in a byline positioned either above or below the main body of text, in accordance with the established style of your website and/or blog.
  3. The integrity of original written works. You shall preserve the integrity of the original written works (including any and all hyperlinks, their HTML and meta robot follow structure, and anchoring text) from any adjustments, revisions, or reordering. You agree to preserve the original formatting as much as practicable in accordance with the established style of your website and/or blog.
  4. The integrity of original photographic works. You shall preserve the integrity of the original photographic and graphic works. An exception is granted for image scaling or to reduce image file size via compression. You shall not strip images or remove from them their metadata or EXIF information.
  5. The inclusion of valid canonical tag. You shall indicate the source of the original work using the rel=”canonical” link element and embed it into the syndicated page according to the best practices outlined by Google.
  6. The inclusion of short author bio. You shall include a short author bio immediately below the licensed work. With exception to the established formatting style of your website and/or blog, it will appear as follows (preserving the hyperlinks, their HTML and meta robot follow structure, and anchoring text):
    Pavel Kounine is a Toronto wedding photographer and photographer of other things too. You can connect with him on Facebook, InstagramTwitter, and Google+, or visit his photo blog. This article was published with permission.

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