wedding photography retainers payments

Wedding Photography Retainers & Payments

What are wedding photography retainers and why are they required by the vast majority of photographers? Why are retainers non-refundable and how are they associated with payment schedules? Continue reading to find out.

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tipping wedding photographers - Toronto wedding photographer

Gratuitous Gratuities: Tipping Wedding Photographers

What are your thoughts about tipping wedding photographers? Considering that wedding photography a) is priced at a premium, and b) mainly done by individuals who are self-employed (and thus set their own prices), photographers implying that tips are expected or part of some established wedding etiquette are attempting to double dip into the payment jar.

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wedding photography reviews

The Benefits of Wedding Photography Reviews

Two sides benefit from wedding photography reviews: couples and photographers. Reviews help (good) photographers by establishing confidence in their service; reviews help couples by empowering them with information and experience from a given photographer's past clients.

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Wedding photography gear doesn't matter - toronto wedding photographer

Wedding Photography Gear Doesn’t Matter

Many online wedding guides prescribe what you should ask your prospective wedding photographers during your initial meeting. One of the many repeating recommendations is, "what type of wedding photography gear do you use"? To be honest, reading how photography lay-bloggers describe what qualifies as a good or bad answer is amusing. Here, I share some practical wisdom: in the hands of a competent photographer, the type or brand of wedding photography gear doesn't matter.

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wedding photography equipment lens

My Wedding Photography Equipment

This post describes my Canon wedding photography gear and some of my storage means. Although I shoot Canon equipment for weddings, I use a different system for my personal images.

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affordable wedding photographers

Are Affordable Wedding Photographers a Good Value?

Are affordable wedding photographers any good? Unless the lowest price is your chief hiring criteria, you should be searching for a wedding photographer that offers the best value for your money, and value is a combination of quality, style, and price. Continue reading to find out more.

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Bride sitting - choosing wedding photographer - toronto wedding photographer

Help Choosing a Wedding Photographer: The Most Important Request

The most important element to consider when choosing a wedding photographer is their work. Portfolios don't tell the whole story and don't show much beyond the best a photographer is capable of delivering. To make an educated decision, you'll want to ensure that your favoured photographer delivers consistent quality and style, and there's only one way to ensure that, so read on.

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finding a wedding photographer

Finding a Wedding Photographer: A Simple Method to Narrow Your Search

Finding a wedding photographer can be a pretty daunting process, especially when you're doing it wrong. Most people approach the task using a standard web search, which can be gamed, but which also doesn't present a very useful set of results. In this post, I'll explain why using a Google or Bing image search is much more efficient for finding a wedding photographer.

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